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We’ve appointed the world’s most glamorous residences and resort destinations, forging brand loyalty, and lasting value for our clients. We inspire awe with fine design but also with our meticulous teamwork, planning, and communication. We call on a full range of in-house talent including architecture, interior design, planning, and landscape as well as global connections to deliver stunning results.

Our Story

A Simple Tale. It's about Creativity, Professionalism and Relationships

For over 25 years, Denton House has nurtured relationships with international consultants and vendors, creating a strong network of business partners that share our philosophy of completing projects that exceed our clients’ expectations.

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Denton House takes a thoughtful design approach that has a modern and contemporary aesthetic, while combining classic principles that create high end, unique homes for our clients to enjoy over the years.

Our Approach

We Listen, Create, And Then Add Magic

Each project begins with a process that leads to a thorough understanding of the clients’ unique style and design needs. Our design process is about combining the right balance between creativity, quality, and budget. Whether a clear vision already exists, or the client prefers exploring a range of innovative ideas, we begin by establishing common design goals.


It is an understatement to say the design/finish product has surpassed our expectations. My wife and I are still scratching our heads how we are able to call something so beautiful and well done our home!! I can’t speak highly enough of [the Denton House Designers], they were/are awesome at every turn. Often designers only think about the design and lose sight of the fact that a family is going to live there and, at times, practicality takes precedent...not the case here.

new york

Our designer was the force behind our vision...she took the time to understand us, form a strong and trusting relationship and, most importantly, listen to our questions, concerns, fears, suggestions, etc. She provided great leadership to us and the team and was responsive throughout. Amazing job!

New York

The design team has helped us now with multiple projects, each of which has come out above our expectations, on time and, on budget. We love working with this group as their attention to detail, openness to feedback and responsiveness have been unparalleled.

Montana, Hawaii & San Francisco

I can’t thank you enough for going the distance with us, what started out as a 45-day assignment in September turned into an eight-month-long exercise that has required extensive patience and creativity on your part. It’s been an enormous amount of work and we know you have gone well beyond [the expectation] to ensure success for us all. Your team has been positively BRILLIANT. The quality of work that you and your group continue to produce astounds us. You are proactive and reactive, both of which are of the utmost importance to us.

International Client
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