Dante Lepore

Job Captain

Moderation in all things.


Dante grew up in Pennsylvania and relocated to Las Vegas in 2006. He has a Bachelors of Science degree in interior design from Drexel University. His professional career in design started in 2003. Since then he has worked for architects and interior designers on both sides of the country. Dante has 12 years’ experience in commercial design keeping a foot rooted in both the architecture and interior design disciplines. The vast majority of his experience is in hospitality design although he has also spent some time working in retail design.  He loves furniture. Dante has worked in furniture sales for several years and loves collecting and researching unique pieces. He also loves animals. He has two dogs: Juan, a mini pinscher and Capone, a pitfall mix. His hobbies include collecting board games, traveling, playing ultimate Frisbee, hiking, climbing, weight lifting, and rollercoasters. And of course he loves food! He is a foodie at heart and enjoys taking advantage of all the eclectic food venues Las Vegas has to offer.


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