Spencer Woodard

CAD/BIM Manager

“Why be moody when you can shake your booty.”


Spencer has been involved in the field of Architecture & Design since 2001, working with multi-discipline firms on an wide range of projects.  He has helped design, draw and coordinate everything from custom homes, luxury hotels, private club amenities, banks, schools, parking garages, mixed-use residential, custom furniture, renovations, among others between.  Combining that experience, with a knowledge of construction methods inherited from his builder/father, he has an understanding of all steps required to bring a project from the earliest concept to its final functioning form.  Many would say Spencer has great attention to detail (even more would call it obsessive compulsive) which is evident in his drawings & presentations.  He has a knack for drafting technology with a specific passion for Revit and creating intricate custom families, and takes pride in helping others learn/develop their technical skills.  Spencer joined Denton House in 2014 with a desire to pair his technical knowledge with the immensely talented and enthusiastic team of designers on staff.  In his rare moments outside the office, he enjoys football, basketball and literally any activity as long as it’s with good friends.

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